Too much time apart again 
Making us so anxious 
My lover and my only friend
Find the right way to say things

When you’re with me,
You give me gold
When you walk away,
You give me thorns 

Watching you walk away
Makes me bleed
Sitting in an empty home
Writing something
I hope you read 

You hold your phone,
I disappear
Feeling like no one,
you feel the liberty 

I know
I know

I see it when I look in your eyes 
The pain, the love, all your cries

You hide it all
They don’t know the real you
Only I know all 
I know the things that you do 

Only I know all
Let us fall
You and me
We have it all
Let us fall 

Hold me then,
Hold me now,
Hold me before,
Hold me after 

Can you love me like I’m dying? 
Can you do it like you’re trying?

People don’t help me
Music does
But you helped me
And our music does

Too much time apart again
Here comes the fighting 
Too much time apart again
Here comes the fighting 

You want me to let it go
And start over 
But you do this whenever
We get closer 
Make a mistake,
Just say that you’re sorry 
Shoot me down
When I start to worry 
You push replay
And cause more damage
You say it every time,
Just let it go
Cutting deeper and deeper,
You manage
You do this on repeat,
You stoop so low 
My love, where are you?
Two words, three words
It’s not enough 
I wanna hear the whole story
I need to ask my many questions 
So look through all the sections 
Read through every line 
My feelings, I don’t wanna hide
For you to learn
We need to rewind 
Please understand me,
And look behind 
Behind you,
I was always standing there
So it’s time for you to own it
And be fair 
My love, where are you?
Two words, three words
It’s not enough 
I wanna hear the whole story
Step on me,
And let them all hate me
Be a free bird,
But you know that I see
You just want everybody on your side
I guess it doesn’t matter
If I live or die 

Every time you have an epiphany
You apologize,
Say you’re here for me
You tell me that I am your selection
But then you disappear,
I’m in isolation 
So silent,
You give me no information 

But you bring people into our mess
You make it a revelation 
So you tell me
You can’t deal with the stress 
I feel your hesitation
So silent, you give me no information
Bringing people into our mess
You make it a revelation
You can’t deal with the stress

I feel the hostility 
You shut my mouth 
You are my remedy
So hear me out 
I want to be your top priority 
So I give you my life, marry me
You need help, but you run to them
You have a choice, you know you can
I can’t tell her that I miss her
I can’t tell her when I’m crying
I can’t tell her that I love her
I can’t tell her that I need her
I can’t tell her that I can’t sleep
I can’t tell her that I can’t eat
I can’t tell her when something bad
Or good happens
I can’t come home
Dear my best friend, my lover,
my soulmate, my family 

Sometimes I stare
At the words you wrote
And I can’t believe that it’s there
No idea where you are,
Where you go
Listen to me, show me that you care

You said you will fight our fate
You said that I came too late
You said you will keep the door open 
But here I am, alone and frozen 

You never talk to me
Don’t know what to believe
So I ask a million questions 
Look at me, see your reflection 

Oh baby, my baby 

Give me hope again
Give me home again 

You used to fight me back
That means you cared
You don’t fight me back
So I guess you don’t care

Your attention
Always going
To someone else
Someone else 
Someone else 

I know that there were lists 
We said things we didn’t mean
Trust was broken,
But I know this
What we had,
what we have is real

My dreams wiped out
Just as fast as the new day comes
You say you are here for me
And then I’m alone for months 

Walking the dark streets of Brooklyn 
Wandering the dark streets of Prague 
I’m looking for you everywhere, hoping
To see your face again, but you’re so far 

I was crying and almost dead
But you were on the other line
You took them to your bed
Showing everybody you are fine 

Oh you crossed the line 
I try to find the right words
Somehow you don’t hear me
If I can find better words
But I just can’t find them

Maybe if I say them
In a different order
Does it matter
If it’s longer or shorter
You only hear them,
I’m not getting through to you
You say I come first,
but it’s the opposite of
What you do

We try to destroy it
Yet we are indestructible
We try to ignore it
Yet our love is undeniable

I tell you I love you
You show me you hate me
You tell me you love me
I see you go against me

You can drown
Or you can love me

I tell you I love you
You show me you hate me
You tell me you love me
I need this just me and you

You tell me you love me
You show me you hate me

Where did the time go?
Who took it from us?
How could have I known
You would strip the trust

Some people laugh
When I say I believe in signs
The signs are everywhere
Under and above all the lines

Still I’m alone here lonely
Talking to a wall
Still it’s too hard to put me
Above them all

Please take me home now
How did we get here?
Can’t say don’t know how
It was always your fear

Please take me home now
We are a family
Maybe you don’t know how
Please take care of me

This is our own mentality
In our own crazy insanity
We can find our sanity
When we find solidarity

You tell me you love me
You show me you hate me

Take me home
You are my home
You never missed my birthday
But you did this year
You always stayed up till midnight
Now I never hear from you
You said you would always be here
Now I know
Now I know what pain is
Now I know what regret is
I go to our places
I go there for us
You don’t go there anymore
You go to new places
Meet new faces
The places
That we dreamed of
Together, together
I see a lot of signs
And sometimes
I feel like I am seeing them for you
But sometimes the signal is weak
And you cannot hear it
What if it’s all an illusion
What is all this devotion
Are these words even on the paper
I’ll check back later

Many times
We went to our favorite place
But the time
You couldn’t even look at my face
You said it’s over
And you ran out the door
I ran after you
But you were already gone

So now I say slap me
Help me, make me bleed
Maybe none of it is real
Maybe my wounds
Will never heal
If life is this painful
I will have to end it soon